Roman quinn

Quinn was undoubtedly one of the best downers in 2015’s minor league season. You can clearly hear that from Joe Jordan. Known for his .360 hit, we can assume that the young outfielder had and still has a lot in store for the next season. However, injuries can’t just let the 22-year old make it to the top that easily. According to statistics, Quinn’s injuries were too much that he couldn’t even make it past 58 games. He battled with injuries to get back on his feet, but nothing good was showing up in his struggle.

We can blame the Hip flexor injury on the left side for his recent performance. However, we can’t just fail to acknowledge what he was able to do before the injury. One of the memorable events is where the youngster hit six doubles and triples, four home runs accompanied with 29 stolen bases. Others included the Double-A Reading and the .791 OPS.

According to analysts, Quinn has all it takes to beat his opponents in every way possible. This was evident when he hit a .290 and a .349 with the left hand and the right hand respectively. His performance was also noted by Reading’s manager Dusty Wathan during his spring training.

Unfortunately, the young hitter is prone to injuries that have also become a threat to his career. One of the major accidents was where his right wrist was broken as a result of being hit by a pitch. After the accident, he was only allowed to play up to 67 games.

2014 didn’t come with good luck either. He couldn’t escape a ruptured Achilles tendon even during the offseason training. However, this didn’t discourage him from stealing 32 bases in the following 88 games. As if trying to go against all odds, Quinn also went on to steal another 14 in the Arizona Fall League 24 games. Quinn is among the best player Phillies ever had, but the fact that he can’t escape even a training injury robs him of his potential.



It is quite obvious that Philadelphia Phillies had a rough time handling what 2015 had in store for them. The fact that 2016 isn’t a year to underestimate, leaves the top officials with no option but to make a wise move. This can’t be done better than choosing the right prospects to handle the highly competitive season ahead. After a long discussion on the topic, the officials finally decided to study the past performance of their players thoroughly. The result wasn’t much disappointing. Here is who to expect in the coming season.


Crawford is 21-year-old known for his High-A at the first phase of the season. He is also known for .392, .489 and lastly, .443 in 79 at bats. He hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down anytime sooner as he has continuously shown improvements.


Williams is aged 22 years. Cole Hamels deal couldn’t leave him out and as a result, he was able to make to Philadelphia Phillies. His best was noted after a .303, .354 as well as, .491 with 97 strikeouts, 17 homers, 13 steals and lastly 35 walks in 475 at-bats in Double-A. He is quite promising according to officials, but he will still need another year in Triple-A.


Cornelius is among the youngest players Phillies has ever had at 18 years. he is known for .302, .425 and lastly, .442 with 32 strikeouts and walks in 172 at bats. He might not have everything in place, but the fact that he has done more in the few years he been with Phillies earns him some credit in the coming games.


Thompson is aged 22 years. He was able to make it to Phillies after the Hamels deal. Known for his 127 hits in Double-A, the RHF candidate has proven to be quite useful as a slider as a well as a sinker.


Knapp is aged 24 years. He is known for .308, .385 and .491 with 35 doubles, 13 home108 strikeouts, 51 walks in 458 at bats. He has also added something to his defensive skills hence one of the promising defenders to watch for this season.



It isn’t a surprise how things turned out for the Phillies player Ryan Howard. After a long struggle with unending injury, the 240 pounds Phillies first baseman, has something to brag for. He isn’t just getting a reward for being an award-winning player from Phillies. He now gets something more tangible in terms of money. Here is what’s up.

In 2014, Ryan Howard had two more years to maintain his position at Phillies. It seems that someone knew what was in store for one of the best Phillies players. For two years now, Ryan Howard has been struggling to get his pay that his club wasn’t willing to let go. However, it seemed that the battle was one-sided, that is, Ryan started it, and he was the one also to end it.

At first was to let the stubborn player go, but now they are left with one and only option that is, pay Ryan Howard and let him go. Although the cost isn’t something that Phillies would claim that it’s nothing, it is worth ending the long struggle.

Ryan doesn’t just lose the possibility of becoming one of the greatest hall of Famer. He is going home as one of the richest baseball players Phillies has ever had. He struggles and injuries just earned him an unending contract with lots of cash for a lifetime. It was much easier giving up a one-time $125 million contract for a lifetime contract.  He still has $25 million to claim this season followed by $10 million 2017’s buyout.

This will probably earn him something much better than just being a hall of famer. He now stands a chance to become one of the richest Platoon players because there are higher chances he is catching up with Darion Ruf.