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The Phillies opening day roster for 2007.

Player's names link to their page at The Baseball Cube.

Updated:  4/2/07 (this page is no longer being updated)


Hitter Role Pitcher Role
1 Ryan Howard 1B Jon Lieber (RHP)* SP
2 Chase Utley 2B Freddy Garcia (RHP)* SP
3 Jimmy Rollins SS Brett Myers (RHP) SP
4 Pat Burrell LF Jamie Moyer (LHP) SP
5 Aaron Rowand CF Cole Hamels (LHP) SP
6 Shane Victorino OF Adam Eaton (RHP) SP
7 Jayson Werth OF Tom Gordon (RHP) Closer
8 Abraham Nunez 3B/UT Geoff Geary (RHP) RP
9 Wes Helms 3B Matt Smith (LHP) RP
10 Rod Barajas C Ryan Madson (RHP) RP
11 Carlos Ruiz


Antonio Alfonseca Right
12 Greg Dobbs UT Clay Condrey Right
13 Michael Bourn OF Zack Segovia Right
14 Chris Coste* C Scott Mathieson*


15 Ryan Budde*


* DL